Alita : Battle Angel, Good or not?

The new film produced by James Cameron, is it worth going to cinema? Well, we answer to that in this article.

Pay tribute to the manga?

Alita: Battle Angel is derived from the Japanese manga of Yukito Kishiro named Gunnm published in the 90s. The basic story is similar between the two works, apart from some details and stories of origins of some characters. I will not start listing all the differences, because there are 100 YouTube videos doing that already. In general, it does pay homage to the manga. Whether moments of action or key moments in history, we get what we pay for. Except that the big eyes of Alita are not unanimous. Indeed, many have criticized the fact that the producers of the film did not understand why in anime / mangas, the characters have big eyes …

Grewcica who?

For me, I find that the bad guy Grewcica was completely crap compared with the version of the manga. In fact, this character is the mix of three manga characters. Which erases one of the most impressive characters named Makaku. It’s a much more vicious and terrorizing cyborg. In addition, it is one of the characters that makes the story much more interesting. It is there, I think, that the film lacks grip. They focused the film to be cuter, although they could have done it a little more gore, in my opinion, to do more justice to the manga. In addition, it seems that the relationship between Alita and Guil Lunde (Daisuke Ido in the manga) fades after a while. A big change in this relationship is that Guil normally refuses to allow Alita to participate in Motorball and they do not talk to each other for months.

Makaku VS Grewcica

There is not much else to say about this movie. I believe that if you have not read the manga and are ignoring a few small details, this film can be entertaining to watch. For my part, I would advise people that they wait until it comes out on streaming. It’s a good movie, but if you have the patience to wait until it’s out, I think it’s better. While I was watching the movie, I did not feel it was a big production, but a movie I would have watched on Netflix.


I give the score of 7/10 to the film. The universe has potential, but the small details and the lack of a convincing antagonist does not help. Nevertheless, it’s still a good movie to watch.

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