What is a car in 2019?


Yes, I know that cars are often an attraction for most human and that we cannot help but be impressed by certain brand or model. But if we dwell on what a car is and all the problems it generates, is it really so attractive? We will not describe all the pieces one by one, but we will make a summary for those who are less familiar with it.

Car skeleton

First, we have the frame, who is the whole structure that will support all vehicle parts and bodies. It is like the skeleton of the human body if you want. In addition, it will support all dynamic and static forces without making too much distortion when you go on a drift. It is often made of different kinds of steel for increased strength. I’ll spare you all kinds of chassis that there was and we can have right now, anyway most used for cars are currently the shell frame and is integrated directly with the body to create the cockpit. The bodywork around the passenger compartment is made of more elastic metal accident it will take better shots to protect passengers. While around the passenger’s body and chassis are made to compress to receive the impact during an accident. Presently, the body is made of a cheap metal or other recycled from China. That’s why when you park in a shopping center that does not take much to come back with a nice bump on your car. In time, the body and chassis were robust throughout, minor injuries were less common during an accident, but the rate of deaths in accidents were more frequent.

Stop driving like shit

Then there are all the mechanical parts that will influence the behavior of the vehicle on the road. As the suspension, brakes, steering, tire … In another article, I talk about the maintenance of your vehicle. Be aware that, yes, the quality of parts will influence your behavior on the road. Between a Hyundai accent and an Audi, there is a big difference, but as I say, I will discuss that in another article. If we talk about the brakes, now the brakes are mostly disc brakes. In short, imagine a metal disc with two rough patches that rely on the drive when you press the pedal. This system is hydraulic, the force passes through small tubes with a liquid which has a cylinder and then compress the brake pads on the disc. So, it is normal that if you break for nothing and as an ass, the pads and discs risk premature wear or deformation. So, when you are driving, keep a distance and plan your braking. To the suspension, it lasts longer, apart if you live in Montreal and you throw in the potholes each day! For those who do not live in Montreal, well now you know that our roads are crap.

Gas or Electric Motor?

Then there is the entire powertrain, the internal combustion engine or electric, transmission, differential … We get into the complicated. I hear you from home, asking the question, gas or electric? What is the best? The internal combustion engine is an old invention that I consider crappy if we just compare the engine with the electric one. Moreover, the electric motor was invented before the combustion engine. But hey, no need to tell you the story of corruption around oil I think everyone is starting to understand that oil companies have dominated the world for a long time. If you want to know more, I recommend the documentary Who kill the electric car? For my part I will not go into too much detail, because yes, I much prefer the electric motor in terms of technology. But it does not mean that I recommend you electric vehicles. If your workplace is near or something like that, it’s good, but otherwise we all know that the gas car does the job. If you can afford it, I might opt ​​for a kind of hybrid like the Volt which is the electric bass and embarks on the combustion engine as needed. Ideal for people who have a long way to go. There are many other models, of course …

Yes, but which motor is polluting the most? I’m green …

Sorry to disappoint you, but anyone who drives a vehicle is zero green. Whether internal combustion that pollutes the atmosphere with each pedal stroke or the production of the batteries in electric vehicles which operates full of resource and probably pollutes much! I will not make you moral because society today forces us to have us move the vehicle to work or go buy things … The solution? There should be smart and green cities allowing more public transit, shorter trips, bike … I’ll spare you the green discourse, we know everything and nothing is done. Humans will not change overnight, but nothing prevents to try to take public transportation when possible joint or bike the summer, it can be fun.

I know cars dude. I can fix it.

Then there is the whole electric group: wiper, ice, door lock, radio, air conditioning, heating, electric window, starter, battery… All beautiful things that can, of course, break or have troubles: P. Now, all these beautiful gadgets are controlled by several different computers. So, do not try to improve mechanics with recent vehicles. You are more likely to end up going to the garage anyway. For example, some vehicles are equipped with electric hand brakes. This makes the cylinder that leans on the pads block the disc. When changing the brakes, it is necessary to enter this cylinder so that the new pads have room to fit into the brake caliper (piece that holds the pads). The big problem with all this is that the cylinder is blocked by one of the vehicle computers and the only way to start it is to have the computer that connects to the vehicle available only to dealers or with versions that cost far too much. So, do not think about doing your brakes yourself to save some money! This is just one example among many, so yes, the manufacturers of your beautiful new cars have the intention to make money by forcing you to come and repair your vehicle at home.

Scheduled to break?

Often, people are wondering if the vehicles are made to be broken. Well, yes and no, depending on the use you made of yourself, it is clear that the failure may be different from one person to another. However, there are parts that will wear naturally as any material in the universe. However, life of vehicles is shorter than before. As cells or computers, I feel that the cars are designed to last less long. On average, I would say that a vehicle can last about 10 years before and 5 years there will be only normal problems, if you do not have a lemon or you take care of your things.

Too much security?

I do not like the cars we have right now. Let me explain. We are currently building vehicles that are half automated securely. Indeed, there is basic safety such as seat belts or airbags that are essential, but now we add, backup camera, automatic braking, ABS … All these systems are excellent ideas at the base. However, they make us lazy and careless when driving, and when one of these systems is missing, it is there that the danger occurs! For example, many people use their ABS to brake when there are slippery roads, but if the ABS are lacking (believe me they may be lacking) and that the person does not know how to break without. Well, a risk of accident is possible. It is as if a parent who walks with his child always looks both ways when they arrive to cross the street, but when the child wants to cross it alone, if he or she no awareness of the principle of looking both sides of the street, we imagine the rest … In my opinion, vehicles must be automated 100% if we want optimal security. I’m not talking about certain vehicles, I’m talking about all vehicles. Imagine a world where all cars and trucks communicated with each other to make a smart road system, going at all the same speed, stopping at the right time, changing line without cutting anyone … Of course, it can have some bugs, but with a constant safe speed and all the vehicles in synchronism there would be a lot fewer accidents or traffic is guaranteed. Imagine a world where everyone can drink at a party without designed driver to return or just sleep while going to work in the morning! All of this is only a dream, but it would be so much better than our current reality. Of course, car enthusiasts will say never! I do not want to lose the pleasure of driving! Well, I tell them that there is racing place to run, it is safer and fun than uncomfortable roads and all broken.

The opinion of a mechanic?

As some know, I was a car mechanic before and often I get asked a lot of questions, one recurring: What’s the best car to you? My answer is the same every time. All car is garbage! No brand or supreme models exist… You will all have disorders or things to fix eventually. Of course, there are invincible models. We refer, of course, to the good old Toyota Tercel. But generally, these are only metal bolts and put everything together designed to break. So, I advise you to take the vehicle that most closely matches your needs, you find beautiful and comfortable. Also, I’d suggest you do what you think is best and not to rely on cars journalists who are just testing the new car and sometimes get paid by company!

All mechanics are scammers?

People have to stop with this stupid mentality. As in any field, there are scams everywhere. The difference is that people do not want to have their car repaired and that’s normal. But to have been briefly in the field of car dealerships, I would say that mechanics, on the contrary are often the ones who will tell the truth to customers. Except at Canadian Tire (I do not recommend this place) and some other places, the mechanics are paid by the hour and it is the technical advisers (the people who fix your appointments) who are paid for jobs or parts sold. So, who do you think is most needed to get your car repaired? In addition, for having worked as a mechanic, I guarantee that for the jobs they do they are really not well paid. For example, often a dealer will charge $ 100 / hour and the mechanic $ 14- $ 30 an hour. So, if you do the quick math, who makes the most money? To work in the car, it takes real car enthusiasts. So, the next time you see your mechanic fixing your vehicle and get all dirty, think about thanking him or giving him a little tip. It’s always nice to receive that and the money does not go into the pockets of the big garage!


Let me know what you think about this. I will do other articles on other more specific topics in the field of automotive. Remember to like, Share and subscribe and comment. See you!

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