Resident Evil 2 (2019) The Science Bros. have played too!

Did you played Resident Evil 2? Well if you haven’t played yet read this a make your choice after.


The story of Resident Evil 2 comes right after the events of the first Resident Evil (The creepy mansion one). You have 2 choices of characters. One is Leon Kennedy and the other Claire Redfield. Leon is a rookie cop supposed to begin his service for the Raccoon City police force and Claire is the sister of Chris Redfield (The guy with 2 feet of arms diameter and in almost every Resident Evil).

When the game begins, you have to choose between those two. Don’t worry, once you will finish the game you’ll get the chance to do a new game + with the other one and the story gonna change a bit depending who you chose first. When I played, I chose Leon first.

Did you played before?

The main thing you need to know is that if you played the first RE2 back in the days and you played some resident evil (and you were good at it), I would suggest you put the difficulty right away to hardcore. Because the hardcore mode is really like the old Resident Evil. If you pick normal or something like that, the game won’t last long. I completed the game and the new game + with Claire in one week. It’s not to brag or anything but the game is short. Like of course there is like the extra mode and everything but you can finish this game pretty fast if you know a bit of what you are doing.

However, the game still worth to purchase if you never played resident evil games before. Just getting the hang of it and learn how RE work will take you more time. I’m sure if you like this one you will want to buy other resident evil after. Check for the sales on every platform! The other day, I bought every other Resident Evil for like 25$ CAD on Steam!

For the veterans of RE, I would advise you to wait and buy it on sales or if you can manage to rent it or something like that do it.

Science Bros. Approval?

In general, if you can’t wait to play this game, is still worth buying just because it’s so good! If I had a rating to give, I would give an honest 8.8/10 for this game. The only negative points that I saw it’s really the game time. But other than that, this game is approved by the Science Bros.!

Please leave your comments about what you think of the game. Also, don’t miss our video on YouTube and subscribe! Good luck with the Titan!

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