The Science Bros. are building a 3D printer!

Essential for Our Projects

As you know, at Science Brothers, our goal is to build several inventions, including many, in the field of bionics and robotics of all kinds. Obviously, to make this kind of invention, we need to make several prototypes. This is where the 3D printer enters in the game. We will buy a 3D printer and we will assemble it and program it so we can build all kinds of prototypes afterwards.

Are you curious?

Would you like to know how the project is progressing? Would you like to know how to assemble a 3D printer? Well, Science Bros. have thought of you and we will document everything! Videos will be made on YouTube and articles will be made right here on the blog! So, stay tuned and subscribe for frequent updates of the project. This project is now in the top of the list. Because without a 3D printer, it is difficult for us to do our inventions as we imagine it. By the way, I’ll talk about it in the Scientifically Speaking Podcast and in another YouTube video soon!

Help us?

Our projects interest you and you want to help us to move faster? For now, the simplest is our Patreon!

In addition, to help us, depending on your contribution, you will have access to exclusive content! For example, access to all pre-recorded podcasts, 2D and 3D plans of our projects, Bloopers from the Science Bros. series. : Savior of humanity and more!

What is really helping us!

Of course, all this is only optional and being students, we completely understand that some people do not have money to put on the Patreon, the real things that help us the most is just the fact that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and other social media. Your valuable comments on projects, podcasts or articles are also very important so that we can constantly improve! In short, thank you to all those who follow us and advise us. Talk to you later!

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