Harry Potter Wizard United, a Pokemon GO even more cheap?

wizards united harry potter

Is Niantic’s new game following the same recipe as Pokémon Go interesting when it’s not even worth downloading?

I tested it for a month for you and the verdict is short and simple. It’s bad … I’ll list why it is. In addition, I will tell you a story with the support of Niantic.


The gameplay remains identical to Pokemon Go except that there is no arena competition. The goal is to try to capture moments, creature, characters for the ministry of magic. You can pick up a lot of things and fight wizards or creatures in towers. Of course a number of actions is limited by energy flashes and if you want to move faster you can put money in the game. What I strongly recommend!

A Pokémon Go even more cheap

The word cheap is put in the foreground here, because I think it’s the word that best describes the game. We do not embark at all in the history or the principle of the game. Moreover, the fact that There is not the slightest competition, it really makes it even more boring.

Of course, you can put yourself in a group and try to beat the monsters in the towers, with the system of professions, this is the only aspect that seemed interesting to me at first. But is there really a time when you will call your friends to go hang-out at the Post Office to cast spells for three hours?

The big problem with Pokémon Go was that unless you were in big cities, finding arenas or just pokémons was really difficult and people were not let go. Well, imagine that Niantic has not improved this aspect of the game in three years!


I communicated several times with the support of the company and they told me that they can not add points on the map and things like that, because it was more people who play Ingress (first game Niantic of this kind) or the Pokemon Go Beta who sent which point to have to certain place. The big problem is that many of these places are clearly advantageous for the people who found these points. Sometimes it’s downright in the person or it’s points that simply do not exist …

This was the case for me, one of the towers near my home was downright on private property and they never wanted to move it, even after several messages and proofs from me. They simply told me to keep playing at Ingress or Pokémon Go and made to a certain level, they give us the ability to add points on the map. What that sums up a lot of time to invest in the game or pay to go up faster levels. Which does not interest me and I think that many will be of the same opinion …


So with a game that has run out of steam like Pokemon Go and now a Harry Potter game that does not really have any interest in the finite fans of this universe, I do not really see the purpose for you to play. this game. If you still like Pokémon Go, I’d say you just keep playing this game. I’m not an expert, but I guess Wizard United will just get out of breath even faster …

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