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Reviews of all sort of videos games that the Science Bros. tried

Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order Review

Review Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order

Which science fiction fan hasn’t been in love with the Star universe at one time or another? In this article, I will do a quick review of the SW Jedi: Fallen Order game. Besides if you don’t like reading. The story In my opinion, this is the highlight of the game. The story takes place […]

Harry Potter Wizard United, a Pokemon GO even more cheap?

wizards united harry potter

Is Niantic’s new game following the same recipe as Pokémon Go interesting when it’s not even worth downloading? I tested it for a month for you and the verdict is short and simple. It’s bad … I’ll list why it is. In addition, I will tell you a story with the support of Niantic. Gameplay […]

Resident Evil 2 (2019) The Science Bros. have played too!

Did you played Resident Evil 2? Well if you haven’t played yet read this a make your choice after. Story The story of Resident Evil 2 comes right after the events of the first Resident Evil (The creepy mansion one). You have 2 choices of characters. One is Leon Kennedy and the other Claire Redfield. […]