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High Speed Linear Actuator (Progressive Automations) Review

Science Bros, ROBOTIC ARM

Hello everyone, it’s time for a tech review. Indeed in our comedy show on YouTube Called Science Bros. : Savior of Humanity, we build a weird robot and we are using the High Speed Linear Actuator (PA-15) from Progressive Automations. These kinds of actuators will be really useful for other robotics projects of us, so […]

Control a Robotic Hand With Flex Sensor

Science Bros, ROBOTIC ARM

With our new web show called Science Bros. | Saviors of Humanity on YouTube, we needed a low-cost robot hand controlled at distance for our weird robot. So, we used a flex sensor combine with a servomotor attach to a cheap lexan hand. I must say I was skeptical about the hand at first, but […]

The Science Bros. are building a 3D printer!

Essential for Our Projects As you know, at Science Brothers, our goal is to build several inventions, including many, in the field of bionics and robotics of all kinds. Obviously, to make this kind of invention, we need to make several prototypes. This is where the 3D printer enters in the game. We will buy […]

Scientifiquement Parlant – Épisode 3 : 5 Ted Talks

Scientifiquement Parlant Science Bros

Salut tout le monde, cette semaine Dan vous propose cinq Ted Talks qu’il aime en les décrivant brievement. Les Ted Talks sont en liens avec les AI et prothèses robotiques. Merci aux Patreons et à tout ceux qui sont abonnés! Si ce n’est pas encore fait, abonnez-vous sur YouTube et toutes les autres platformes S.V.P. […]