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Impressive Military Robots

Military robots impressive

Most of the time, technology is on the cutting edge when it comes to military inventions. I do not really advocate inventions that have the purpose of killing, but I rather admire the technological side they bring. Moreover, these robots serve more to save peopleā€¦ In short, here is a list of robots that are […]

High Speed Linear Actuator (Progressive Automations) Review

Science Bros, ROBOTIC ARM

Hello everyone, it’s time for a tech review. Indeed in our comedy show on YouTube Called Science Bros. : Savior of Humanity, we build a weird robot and we are using the High Speed Linear Actuator (PA-15) from Progressive Automations. These kinds of actuators will be really useful for other robotics projects of us, so […]

Alita : Battle Angel, Good or not?

The new film produced by James Cameron, is it worth going to cinema? Well, we answer to that in this article. Pay tribute to the manga? Alita: Battle Angel is derived from the Japanese manga of Yukito Kishiro named Gunnm published in the 90s. The basic story is similar between the two works, apart from […]